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Forever Young People strive to be at the heart of our community and to be flexible and responsive in our approach. we aim to inspire individuals to feel valued, empowered, and confident in their abilities and to motivate individuals educationally, socially and emotionally.

Who we are

Founder: Ashley Howard

We are taking a mental well-being approach to address the mental health pandemic which leads to anxiety, truancy, anger anti-social behaviour and more extreme emotional struggles. We are committed to supporting and investing in local solutions and growth, while creating a movement of fairness, opportunity, and empathy. Forever young people uses thought, emotional intelligence and ethical practices to create an inclusive and meaningful future through our coaching/mentoring program which engages young people through conversational based learning. We aim to provide young people, children, community groups with coaching/mentoring that will support them with their low emotional well-being.

I have been lucky enough to work and progress in this field of work with over 13 years experience. I have worked and volunteered in a variety of settings from charities, education, youth work and social services, this has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience before creating Forever Young People. During my career I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with many wondering young people from various backgrounds, cultures, settings and environments from all over the world. These experiences have enabled me to manufacture a culture within FYP to be able to adapt, create and be open minded to understand different perspectives. No two days or two people are the same and doing what I love and enjoy is the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of my life.

My studies include:

Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching and Mentoring Diploma

Life Coaching Diploma
Forest School Practitioner
Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
Mindfulness Practitioner
Qualified Teacher

FYP stands side by side with youth and walks them through the difficulties of adolescence and helps them navigate the hard. From stress management and social development to trauma and mental health advocacy, FYP is here to provide a safe space for kids to share, grow, and thrive.

What we do

At Forever Young People, we are committed to helping the children, adolescents and adults in our community improve their well-being from the inside out, starting with their mental health. We know that through our work, we can and have prevented truancy, emotional struggle, anxiety, anger, aggression, rage, anti-social behaviour and more.

The inspiration for the name ‘forever young people’ comes from our belief that no matter how much young people grow, the root of a person will remain ‘forever young’. The enthusiasm for what they do, the desire to impress, the willingness to learn and the passion to make a difference, will always be forever young. 

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