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Forever Young People is proud to work together with a variety of partners to provide additional tools, resources and connections to help families and offer even more support to the youth in our community.

Partner with us 

Forever Young People works with companies, nonprofits, government organisations and more to address complex challenges youth in our community face on a broader scale. Our partners' contributions are invaluable. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build stronger foundations for the families in our area.

Wanna partner with us? Contact us at the link below!

Partnership application 


Forever Young People has been working together with the Hertfordshire County Council, Herts Community Foundation, and the Herts Sports Partnership granted under the HAPpy program. This program is targeted to counter the triple threat facing Hertfordshire’s most disadvantaged youth - holiday hunger, physical inactivity, and social isolation.


This project was inspired by Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford and through it we are able to increase the quality of life of the youth in our community. With HAPpy, we are able to offer children the ability to take part in physical activities, receive necessary foods

during holiday breaks, and take part in enrichment and social activities.


To participate in this program, you’ll need a HAPpy booking code from your child’s school. Got it: Visit: And book your HAPpy booking today.


Forever Young People Football Club is a local Sunday afternoon league football club currently playing in the Herts Advertiser League Division 1. The vision behind FYP FC is to provide additional support for our community.

Recreational sports are proven to

● improve focus

● increase self-confidence

● build endurance

● improve health, and expand social networks

Would you like to sponsor us?

If so get in contact with us 

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