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Do you have a passion for working in a mission-driven field? Do you love empowering youth to succeed and thrive? Forever Young People would love to work with you.


If you’re looking for an environment that gives you the support to make powerful impacts on the adolescent community, we want to hear from you.


Forever Young People is actively looking for passionate individuals to add to our team who are reliable self-starters. We need people who can manage calm under pressure, have strong interpersonal skills, and are ready to take initiative. You will be tasked with providing support and empowering young people to reduce risks, face short and long-term challenges and overcome adversity. Working with adolescents requires a unique skillset, so we are always looking for people who can handle difficult conversations and big emotions.


Our ideal candidates are willing to work nights and weekends to provide the necessary support to the children they are assigned to assist. We are looking for people who enjoy games and sports as well as possess the ability to provide a safe haven for adolescents. Giving them the ability to let down their walls and giving us the ability to help them achieve a positive outcome for their specific needs and situations. If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to work with hours that suit your lifestyle as you empower youth and give back to your community, we’d love to hear from you.

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