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Support Services 

Placement Support

Foster Placement is an incredibly difficult adjustment. FYP offers 24/7 support for youth experiencing difficulties with placement. It is our first priority to support youth during and after this transition by working closely with local authorities, caregivers, family, and social workers. Our caregiving community supports these efforts being available any time, day or night to ensure the youth we partner with are given the tools and resources they need to maintain a thriving emotional and mental state.

Family Sessions 

If you’re experiencing a breakdown in your family dynamic, FYP can help. You will meet with one of our qualified counsellors, who will provide confidential and non-judgemental support, and who will encourage everyone who comes to have their say and to share their feelings.


We will allow everyone to talk through what’s happening, what you’d like to change, and create a customised plan to decide what happens next.

Family sessions are different for everyone, and our qualified staff will help you build stronger relationships, work together as a team, and recreate a family dynamic that benefits you all. While it is our goal to provide a successful experience for everyone, these sessions depend on the unique needs and participation of your family.

Intensive Family Support Services:

If you’re experiencing heavier problems as a family, we can help with those too. We have a variety of highly qualified staff that are trained to assist in a number of situations, from crisis intervention, to family breakdowns and more. Whatever your family is going through, FYP can help. We aim to give families the tools to communicate better, reduce conflict and grow stronger. Children especially can pick up on conflict, and it affects them in ways they may struggle to express. Family support will empower them and let everyone involved share their feelings in a safe space and judgment free environment. Working together towards a common goal and resolution that benefits all.

Supervised Support:

When the family dynamic changes, it is important for children to have the ability to maintain relationships with family that may now no longer share a home with them. Our supervised contact meetings are mediated by trained service providers on our team. Our aim with these meetings is to eliminate the barriers that prevent constructive communication. FYP caregivers are able to assist with practical matters-such as arranging transportation schedules and after school care. We also assist with more emotionally charged situations and help provide strategies that rebuild trust.

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