Our Aim

FYP aims to engage these young people in the local community and to build their self-esteem, which will enable them to unlock their potential.  

Sadly, our society seems increasingly willing to ‘disregard’ young people; all too easily excluding them from schools, closing community youth facilities and generally taking away the opportunity for young people to build their identities or have any feelings of self-worth.

Where possible we create a safe environment in which they are encouraged and supported to build the foundation of their fundamental development and growth. 

Sparking the initiative of social change, to break the barrier for young people and their community. 

About Us

Founder ashley maher

I am NLP Life Coach, Forest School Practitioner and a Qualified Teacher. 


 I have worked in a variety of settings from charity, social services, youth work and education and have a wealth of experience prior to becoming NLP Life Coach. 


During my professional career I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with many wonderful young people from various backgrounds, cultures, settings and environments from all around the world. No two days or indeed no two people are the same and doing what I do really is the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of my life.  

I now inspire others to realise their own power from within and conquer their limiting beliefs. 


FYP takes a holistic approach with young people; starting where they are in terms of physical and emotional well-being, then creating a bespoke and realistically achievable plan for their developmental progress.  At the heart of everything we do is an unerring desire to make a positive difference to their lives, allowing young people to create better opportunities for themselves by making better choices & decisions in life. To know that I have made an impact on someone’s life is what drives me.  

Experience has taught us that education is crucial and if used correctly it can literally change the world. Education comes in many forms and as we grow up and go through school, it’s easy to think that this is the only type of education we will receive and the only education from which we can learn. Whether or not a young person is actually attending school, we believe every day can still be viewed as a ‘school day’ and every day they can learn something new.

The inspiration for the name ‘Forever Young People’ comes from my belief that no matter how much young people grow, the root of a person will remain ‘forever young’. The enthusiasm for what they do, the desire to impress, the willingness to learn and the passion to make a difference, will always be forever young.  

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